Climate Change and Energy Management Conference

Climate Change and Energy Management Conference

Climate Change

Knowing the impact of climate change, SSSTC has gradually formulated carbon reduction strategies, strived for low-carbon transformation, and regularly implemented greenhouse gas, energy verification, and optimized energy conservation, in order to continuously pursue the reduction of environmental impact and steadily move towards the low-carbon goal.

Energy Management

We will continue to improve our energy efficiency by setting energy saving targets, planning and implementing energy saving measures.

Environmental Management

We have established the environmental policy through "Legal compliance, Resource conservation, Waste reduction, and Full participation" and regularly perform audits of our environmental management system based on ISO14001.

Water Management

In response to the risk of water shortage caused by climate change, SSSTC has installed rainwater recycling devices, promoted water conservation and other related measures, and continues to pay attention to the external water supply and internal water demand.

Sustainable Management

Climate Change Management

Implementation Policy 

Regular greenhouse gases inventory

Scope 1 and 2 reduction

Renewable energy transfer

2024 Target:

2% reduction from base year

Water and Resource Management 

Executive Policy

Rainwater recycling system for cooling water towers

Optimized operation of ice machines/

Timed energy saving control of water dispensers/ 

Aging test for power saving

Improvement of air pressure system leaks

2024 Target:

2% reduction in water intensity compared to base year 1% reduction in energy compared to base year

Environment Management

Executive Policy

Periodic verification of management systems

Regular audits of regulatory compliance

Environmental cost statistics

Waste reduction measures

2024 Target

100% achievement rate of management system

2% reduction in waste compared to base year +C2:E30C1:E30D12C1:E30C3:E30

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