Product Quality

Product Quality

Development Stage

Performance, cost, and risk assessment (FMDA) of key component selection 

Confirmation of development standard operating procedures

Confirmed by Lessons Learned database, exclude high risk factors

Design Stage

All departments are involved in the design requirements to achieve design for manufacture/test/assembly. 

The product development stage undergoes rigorous signal and power integrity simulations and utilizes the industry's most credible simulation software to optimize product quality and ensure functionality in compliance with international standards.

Verifications Stage

The test department is the gatekeeper for product engineering, product design, production and trial production verifications before it goes to the mass production stage

Mass Production Stage

Factory quality control system (Ex. Quality Management Operating Procedures)

Continuous quality control & product failure analysis (Ex. Daily 9 book meeting)

Enhance production line automation: Save working hours, improve yields, and reduce energy consumption

Design Development Process

Input - Product Development Requirements

1. Customer / Custom Spec Request

2. Test Plan

Act - Resource Management
(Software & Hardware) 

1. Computer equipment

2. SAP System

Plan - 量測、分析、改善(績效指標)

1. 零件承認達成率

2. 滿足客戶環境資料需求時程

3. 專案開發成熟度 (PMI)

Check - Resource Management
(Human Resources) 

1. Owner: RD

2. Leader: RD department manager

3. Partner: PUR, PD

Do - 指導書/文件

SPT0P001 新產品開發作業程序書

SPT0P006 工程變更流程管制作業程序書

SPT0P010 環境管控物質管理作業程序書

Plan - Measurement, analysis, improvement
(performance indicators) 

1. part acceptance rate

2. time to meet customer environmental data requirements

3. Project development maturity (PMI)

Do - Manuals / Document 

SPT0P001 New Product Development Procedures

SPT0P006 Engineering Change Process Control Operating Procedures

SPT0P010 Operating Procedures for Environmentally Controlled Substances Management


1. Official engineer spec

2. Review report in various stages / Test report

3.Preferred part list

Quality Control Process


1. Internal audits

2. Customer complaints

3. External audits / 

4. Nonconforming products / 

5. Abnormality notification forms

Act - Resource Management
(Software & Hardware)

1. Computer equipment

2. Inspection equipment

Plan - 量測、分析、改善(績效指標)

1. Lot Reject Rate(IQC)

2. 最終出貨的PPM管理

Check - Resource Management
(Human Resources)

1. Owner:QA

2. Leader: QA department manager

3. Partner: PD, SQM

Do - 指導書/文件

OHB12P007 不良材料處理作業程序書
OHB12P006 進料檢驗作業程序書
QH13P013 不合格成品及半成品管理作業程序書
QH13P015 製程統計控制作業程序書
QH13P012 IPQC製程稽核作業程序書
QH14P005 最終允收檢驗作業程序書
QH16P001 SSD出貨稽核作業程序書
QH14P006 禁止出貨作業程序書

Plan - Measurement, Analysis, Improvement
(Performance Indicators)

1. Lot Reject Rate (IQC)

2. PPM management of final shipment

Do - Manuals / Document OHB12P007
Defective Material Handling Procedures

OHB12P006 Incoming Inspection Procedures
QH13P013 Procedures for the management of non-conforming finished and semi-finished products
QH13P015 Process Statistical Control Operating Procedures
QH13P012 IPQC Process Audit Procedures
QH14P005 Final Inspection Procedures
QH16P001 SSD Shipment Auditing Procedures
QH14P006 Prohibition of Shipment Operation Procedures 


1. Corrective Action

2. Continuous Improvement

Procurement and Supplier Management Process


1. Supplier's basic information

2. New supplier development application

3. Purchase requisition

4. Supplier regular audit

Act - Resource management
(Software & Hardware) 

1. Computer equipment

2. SAP system

3. Inspection equipment

Plan - 量測、分析、改善(績效指標)

1. 符合 HSF供應商

2. 材料批退率

3. 供應商年度稽核完成率

Check - Resource Management
(Human Resources) 

1. Owner:SQM

2.Leader: SQM department manager

3. Partner:PUR

Do - 指導書/文件

OH81P007 SSD生產性物品採購作業程序書
OH46P002 SSD非生產性物品採購作業程序書
OH81P008 ODD生產性物品採購作業程序書
OH81P009 ODD非生產性物品採購作業程序書
OHB12P008 供應商品質管理作業程序書
QH16P012 供應商資格評估作業程序書

Plan - Measurement, Analysis, Improvement
(Performance Indicators)

1. HSF-compliant suppliers

2. Material return rate

3. Supplier annual audit completion rate

Do - Manuals / Document

OH81P007 Procurement Procedures for SSD Production Items
OH46P002 Procurement Procedures for SSD Non-Production Items
OH81P008 Procurement Procedures for ODD Production Items
OH81P009 Procurement Procedures for ODD Non-Production Items
OHB12P008 Supplier Quality Management Operation Procedures
QH16P012 Supplier Qualification Assessment Operation Procedures 


1. QVL

2. Supplier evaluation form 

3. Supplier quality rating form

4. Supplier 8D report

Design Development Management Process

Development Stage 

Performance, cost, and risk assessment (FMDA) for key component selection

Confirmation of development standard operating procedures

Design Stage 

Professional testing department to verify, identify, and resolve issues

Obtain national-level laboratory certifications

Mass Production Stage

Quality control by the Quality Control Department

Process improvement and reduction of defective products from customer returns

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