Employee Relations

Employee Overview

Robust workforce structure, 95.7% of executives are promoted from within Company and has equal number of employees of all genders

Employees of all age groups are evenly distributed, with 52% of all employees having more than 5 years of service, and employees agree with the company's operational development. We continue to invest in the cultivation of core talent, with a total of 92 executive positions, 88 of which included the CEOs, vice president, assistant managers and other senior management teams which are cultivated and promoted internally, accounting for 95.7% of the total, and an average retention rate of 90% for all core talent.

▼ Equal representation of each gender

Male       Female

▼ More than half of the employees have more than 5 years of service

Over 5 years      0~5

▼ The three generations stand together

21~30       31~40      Over 41

▼Spin-off 93% employee retention

Not retained Retained

In the past three years, recruitment has continued to expand steadily.

Solid State Storage Technology is a 100% invested enterprise of KIOXIA Group. It is the only SSD production base of the group and an important center for SSD product research and development. In order to grow the business, we continue to recruit talents from all sectors, continuing the growth of employee count each year. Among them are fresh graduates with no prior work experience, and each unit will be responsible to conduct internal training.

Human Rights Protection 

Clear human rights policy, implementation of specific measures to implement the policy.

Solid State Storage Technology believes that "We have the right to live with dignity and happiness". Both managers and employees must fully understand and accept the importance of adapting to different values, respecting the uniqueness of each individual, including differences based on race, religion, gender, nationality, physical disability, age or sexual orientation, and prohibiting unlawful workplace abuse, such as sexual harassment, power bullying or invasion of privacy. We pledge to abide by the International Bill of Human Rights, establish work rules, conduct training, conduct audits, and implement our human rights policy. Executives from the KIOXIA Group all signed a pledge to protect human rights. 

Executive Measures

  1. Content on human rights are compiled into teaching materials for internal training and training for new employees.
  2. Receive regular internal audits from KIOXIA Japan headquarters and external audits from customers on an annual basis.
  3. Participate in the international Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) organization to practice responsibility for sustainable development, and regularly arrange Verification and Assessment Programs (VAP) to conduct verification and assessment of labor and human rights, health and safety, environment, and management systems.
  4. Diversified and smooth communication channels: Complaint hotline, factory manager's mailbox, one-on-one discussion on performance management, CEO communication meeting.


  1. 2021 KIOXIA Engagement Survey - KIOXIA emphasizes communication, diversity and inclusion, and is positively recognized by the vast majority of employees.
    • The Company always keeps its promises to employees


    • The Company provides employees with a variety of information that has a direct impact on their work


    • Senior management has the opportunity to maintain communication with employees


    • My department manager gives my colleagues the opportunity to excel


    • My colleagues are respectful of my ideas and opinions


    • I have a strong belief in the goals and objectives of the Company


    • Our workplace environment is fully inclusive of everyone's background and ideas


    • I think the Company values the spirit of diversity (e.g. age, gender, race, language, education, viewpoint, etc.)


    • I can maintain an adequate balance between work and personal life


    • This Company is socially and environmentally responsible


  2. The human rights course is mandatory for board members, all employees, and new recruits, and 100% of them have completed the course. A total of 129 managers completed the course and passed the test.
  3. There were no deficiencies in the annual customer audits and Japanese headquarters audits.
  4. Received the highest Platinum rating from the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).
  5. Our company follows the labor law and has no violation records in the past three years.
  6. No employee complaints and prosecution cases in the past three years from 2020~2022.

Talent Cultivation and Developmen

Integrate employee development into the company's vision and mission Senior managers are highly supportive and committed to talent development learning activities, and the company's second mission to provide an avenue for employees to learn and discover their potential.

Learning and development are not limited to listening to lectures in the classroom. We prefer to learn by doing and experimenting. In addition to internal training for new employees, departmental on-the-job training, and professional training, we also provide external training subsidies for employees to strengthen their professional knowledge. The ARCI platform empowers key projects and gives all employees the opportunity to participate in responsible project management to help them grow in their fields.


General IDL

Junior Manager

Mid-level Manager

Senior Manager




Online training for new recruits



Job coaching


Occupational health and safety training

General knowledge training

Code of Conduct / Information Security / Export Control / Accounting Standards / Product Security / Intellectual Property Rights / Human Rights Policy / Antitrust / Anti-Bribery / J-SOX

Professional internal and external training

Quality Training / 9-BOOK / ISO Training / HSF Training / Various Functions / Professional Courses

Management training


Advancement to G21+ / Negotiations and business negotiations / Strategic planning and competitive advantage / Strategic cost management / Leadership /
Advancement to G16~20 / Target management / Internal control system / Manager financial management / Manager legal management /
Required for promotion to G14 / Problem analysis and solution / Communication and coordination / Project management / Daily management

Project platform

Talent Cultivation and Development Project / ARCI


Internal instructor training / Self-directed learning resources / On-campus on-the-job training

▲A complete training blueprint is built and the effectiveness of implementation is confirmed by TTQS assessment

Introduce TTQS and continue to expand training resources every year 

Develop annual education and training plans and budgets based on operational objectives. Establish a training program system based on the five components (Plan, Design, Do, Review, Outcome, PDDRO) of the Talent Development Quality Management System (TTQS). The purpose is to optimize the effectiveness of the organization's personnel training, ensure that the training courses provided are consistent with the company's development direction in order to achieve the best work performance. The number of trainees and training resources continue to grow every year. We received the Silver Award of the TTQS evaluation from the Ministry of Labor for the first time in 2021.


▲The actual training results in 2021 will be multiplied compared to 2020 and will continue to increase in 2022.

Enjoyable Workplace

We create employee experiences through our 3H (Heart, Health, Honor) principle, and employee treats our company as their second home. We have won the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" award consecutively in 2021 and 2022, and scored higher than our peers in the industry in the indicators of employee satisfaction under happiness and recognition. To promote work life balance, employees are encouraged to participate in various non-work related activities. We hold a series of outdoor or indoor activities such as hiking, public service road running, ball games, and puzzle solving to get our employees out of the comfort zone to create different experiences and memories.

Value employees' rights more than corporate profits

4.38 vs. 3.80

Encourage good communication and mutual cooperation

4.46 vs. 3.97

Encourage skills improvements and obtaining certifications

4.49 vs. 4.08

Good company for long term development

4.38 vs. 3.80

Community management & comprehensive leisure and health facilities

4.46 vs. 3.97

Willing to work together to achieve tasks

4.49 vs. 4.08

Note: The black numbers in the table are for Solid State Storage Technology and the red numbers are the industry average

Provide human resources support

Flexible daily working hours

In response to the epidemic family needs employees can apply to work from home WFH

7 days of paid family care leave per year (certain positions and above) 

9 days of wedding leave

One week of summer vacation per year on the company calendar

30 days of paid sick leave per year (certain positions and above)

Unlimited public welfare leave (to encourage employees to engage in public welfare)

Annual medical checkups for all employees and subsidies for medical checkups for dependents above certain positions

24-hour EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Free professional consultation on EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Subsidies for weddings, funerals, celebrations, etc.

Birthday meal vouchers at five-star hotels (certain positions and above)

Annual travel subsidy of NT$12,000

Lunar New Year surprise package and major festival gifts

Surprise package for new employees

Stronger Together - Action Academy is certified by the Sports Administration as a Sports Enterprise.

The positive health culture is led by the Chairman and the management team. 3H's (Heart, Health, Honor) goal is to create a sense of well-being. The recreational series fully subsidizes road running, mountain climbing, outdoor and indoor rock climbing, ball games, bicycling, etc. It also covers the emotional needs of employees by offering social gatherings for single employees as well as interactive children's games with tons of prizes for fun. 

Be a Better Me - Employee Health Management

We employ experts from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Ministry of Labor to serve as the company's regular occupational nurses, and cooperate with hospitals to arrange regular on-site medical consultations to assist employees in their health management.

  • Identify workplace health and safety risks, set management goals, promote health and safety measures, and pass ISO45001 certification.
    Health Promotion for Migrant Workers
  • A number of migrant workers are suffering from hypertension, therefore fun activities are held to promote the association between eating habits and diseases. Dancing / rope skipping / walking activities were designed to develop daily exercise habits, with a participation rate of 98.8% and a total of 166 participants.
    Health Promotion for Migrant Workers / Health Seminars
  • Free 3-point screening for women is held regularly every year. 90 people enrolled in the screening for breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.
  • The Maternal Health Survey proactively cares for the physical and mental condition of pregnant employees each month.
    Organize health care activities
  • Hold health seminars on vision, stress management, cardiovascular protection, etc.; a total of 50 employees formed 12 teams to participate in the weight-loss program, employing nutritionists and fitness instructors to teach six classes, and SSSTC gave each team a body fat monitor to help track their goals.
    Vegan Lunch Box
  • SSSTC regularly provided employees with free vegan lunch boxes every month, with a total of 2,797 participants

Activities to relieve physical and mental anxiety caused by the COVID-19 outbreak

1.Upgrade the care for migrant workers: Free meal boxes, fruit and vegetable beverages are provided all day during the national Level 3 Alert period to reduce the risk of infection through shared cooking and eating.

2.Epidemic Bonus: NT$1,000 bonus for free screening activities at medical institutions commissioned by the company during the national Level 3 alert.

3.Encourage employees to exert positive influence: Organize campaigns on "Epidemic Action & Epidemic Relief" to help understand and relieve anxiety and share experiences with the community and give away NT$100 gift cards.

4.Virtual walk around the island: The Walki APP was used to connect employees who participate in walking activities; total number of steps taken was 16.9 laps around Taiwan.