Occupational Safety and Health

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Solid State Storage Technology highly regards its employees and cares about their safety. Through the introduction of occupational safety and health management, system and international standard certification, the management model for policy improvement, audit mechanisms, coordination between units, and countermeasure improvement reduces the risk of workplace hazards and establishes a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment and achieves a cycle of safety and health management.

Management System and Organization

▲Operating environment monitoring

  1. Compliance with ISO 45001 and CNS 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Verification.
  2. The top management formulates the "Environmental Safety, Health and Energy Policy".
  3. Follow the "Occupational Safety and Health Act" and conduct Occupational Safety and Health Committee meeting every quarter.

Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training

▲Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training

  1. Implementation of new safety and health education training in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  2. Implement of on-the-job safety and health education and training and license management in accordance with the law."

Occupational Safety Risk Management

▲Fire Drills

▲Escape Drills

  1. Establish chemical inventory and implement chemical management.
  2. Entrust a qualified monitoring agency to monitor the operating environment every six months.
  3. Implement periodical work safety audits and quarterly environmental safety and health joint inspections.
  4. Implement fire safety escape drills every six months.


I. Contracted certified physicians and nursing staff to provide health services. Include the planning and implementation of health education, health guidance, physical and mental health protection, health promotion measures, health consultation, first aid, emergency disposal and education training for workers.

II. Adequate first-aid kits and equipment are provided, and first-aid personnel are assigned to handle first-aid matters. First aiders have passed the safety and health education and training for first aiders stipulated in the Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules and have regular refresher training in first-aid techniques.

III. Regularly implement general health checkups and senior executive health checkups for current workers every year.

IV. When hiring, new employees shall undergo a general physical examination, and medical staff shall provide health guidance for employees with abnormal examination results.

V. Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, prevention and treatment for workers: Employees can participate in cancer screening at their own will, including lung cancer screening with low computerized tomography, colorectal cancer screening with fecal occult blood, female cervical cancer screening with pap smear and female breast cancer screening with breast ultrasound.